Building Envelope and Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

We provide domestic and commercial roof repairs to all the greater Dublin area, including all Flatroofing Systems and as well as slate, tile and metal cladding roof repairs. Our emergency roof repair service will guarantee a fast response 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you require an emergency roofing contractor please call 087 640 9861.

We are the experts in all elements of the building envelope, including plaster work, glazing and timber wall cladding.

We are happy to provide advice and quotations for all roofing insurance works and where necessary we can provide a temporary roofing repair solution until there is resolution and paperwork is complete.



MX Roofing Systems

Envelope Solutions which set us apart

Proven methods to remove and dismantle intersections and junctions of façade’s where wall cladding, brickwork, plastering and glazing intertwine.

  • Chimney pointing.
  • Scaffolding, Crane, MEWP.
  • Apartment, Office and Commercial window and wall repairs.
  • Aluclad window frame repairs.
  • Metal wall cladding repairs.
  • Drainage solutions for roofs and water harvesting, unblocking internal outlet pipes, use of pipe cameras, alternative drainage and flat roof overflow pipes.
  • Roof reports with scope of work solutions.
  • Use of liquid roof membranes for repairs and penetration’s and use water proof liquids for masonary façade’s.