Welcome to O’Rourke Roofing

We are a high quality roofing company based in Dublin and supplying roofing services to the greater Dublin area.

O’Rourke Roofing have over 25 years working as quality roofing contractors in Dublin, we are a Limited Roofing Company. We are more than qualified for all aspects of roof repairs, roof installations and have acquired a reputation for offering the highest standard of service, along with inspiring ideas with all roofing systems covered.


We are the roofing specialists!

Flat roofing is a craft for roofing contractors who specialise in Flat Roof Systems. We have a vast amount of experience in providing the right Flat Roofing solution for all kinds of flat roof projects. As a highly professional Roofing Contractor based in Dublin, we will seamlessly and with out major disruption, remove an old or leaking flat roof structure and install a new Flat Roof at a very reasonable cost and in the time frame agreed with our clients.

All specifications are to the Standard Building Regulations and Insulation Requirements. We work along side Engineers and Architects solving every obstacle we meet and any element of a flat roof project that comes our way. All our Flat Roofing Membranes come with a full Manufactures Warrantees. Our Flat Roof installations are also covered by our own workmanship guarantee. We only use the best membranes with the highest specification in each sector – FELT, PVC, EPDM, Liquid and Fibreglass.

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